As we move into the chilly, firework-ridden climes of November, we receive a welcome reminder this week of Viastak’s status as an international operator.  Our consultants and engineers have worked right across the world on a myriad of infrastructure, visual and cloud projects.  This week, CEO Simon Osman and projects director Channelle Tame travelled to mainland Europe together to see the results.  Their tour of Europe spanned three major cities, all of which are affiliated with Viastak’s long-standing client WeWork.

We Work With WeWork

Viastak’s relationship with WeWork dates back to 2013.  Our engineers stepped in to assist with an ongoing project in a facility on London’s South Bank.  However, the first project that Viastak undertook with WeWork from scratch was at Soho London.  This project comprised 10,000 square feet of office space across one floor, and involved both connectivity and audio-visual elements.  The success of this project led to further London-based schemes with WeWork, as they accumulated more property in the city.

Endeavours of a comparable scale and nature were completed on Devonshire Square, Spitalfields, Aldgate Tower, Chancery Lane, Waterhouse Square, Corsham Street, Great Chapel Street, Eastbourne Terrace, and – our crowning triumph – Moorgate, an eight-storey project spanning more than 150,000 square feet.  (Click here for more details –it’s so good we once devoted an entire article to it.)

Viastak have since completed assignments internationally with WeWork, including advisory roles in North, Latin and South America.  The current tour of Europe undertaken by Simon and Channelle encompasses buildings in Berlin, Frankfurt and Paris.  The photo below is taken from WeWork’s Berlin Pitbull building, featuring Channelle and Viastak infrastructure expert Vera Dolakova:


Even at a glance, the new facilities absolutely capture the décor and atmosphere that is synonymous with WeWork culture!  We are very proud to have been part of creating these facilities, and congratulate WeWork on establishing yet more stunning co-working spaces.  The spaces will be officially opened in December.

And Since We’re Talking About Channelle…

Yes, it’s a double treat for our much-loved project director, since this week marks her fourth anniversary at Viastak.


She’s evidently very happy about it.

With over a decade’s worth of experience in technical project coordination, Channelle joined Viastak in October 2012.  Her past roles with RABO Bank had seen her travelling back and forth between London and Amsterdam, leading telecommunications and mobile projects, in addition to her work as a phone contractor.  Her association with Viastak CEO Simon Osman dates back to 2006, when she began work with him as a project coordinator at Evolution Voice & Data.  She continued in this role through Evolution’s acquisition by niu Solutions, until she left to join Viastak.

Channelle has overseen huge projects, the most successful in Viastak’s young history – not least the WeWork initiatives described above.  Taking responsibility for schemes across Viastak’s cloud, infrastructure and audio-visual divisions, her expertise and versatility are not to be underestimated.  Moreover, her characteristic organisation, attention to detail and strict standards have established her as a respected leader of high stature.

Furthermore, Channelle’s bubbly character is known to brighten up Viastak Towers on the darkest of winter evenings!  We love her here and we know she always builds a strong rapport with our clients too.  Channelle, thanks for all your work over the last four years – we look forward to seeing your future success with us!


That’s all from us this week.  Join us next Friday for Stakker Stories!