To my dear readers who were left wanting last Friday, as you waited anxiously for your latest Stakker Stories instalment, I can only apologise.  It speaks far more to this author’s temporary absence from my laptop than a lack of newsworthy activity here at Viastak Towers, I can assure you.  Anyhow, this is my first Stakker Stories since the end of the third quarter of 2016.  As such, we have a number of significant goings-on ripe for reporting – the first of which comes from foreign climes!

Big Happenings In Berlin


We work internationally, don’t forget.  Viastak flew infrastructure project manager Vera Dolakova out to Berlin this week – with engineers Barry Griffin and Pete Arnett travelling out next week – to oversee a major fit-out.  Our firm has extensive experience in collaborating with co-working spaces on technical projects, both in the UK and abroad.  We are delighted to be doing so again; we always enjoy conducting projects in these types of spaces.  They are the epitome of the flexible, agile working future that we believe in.  Open-plan offices encourage interaction and collaboration, and create a more visceral spiritual connection between worker and workplace.  We wish our projects team luck for the scheme – though experience tells us that they won’t need it!

Super Stakker Steve


Head of Marketing Steve Nash (right) takes the iconic Viastak socks prize this week, in recognition of a hugely impressive September.  (We can only apologise for the infiltration of the above photo by solutions architect Dan Henry.)

Steve, whose experience in the office fit-out industry has always been invaluable, arrived at Viastak in March 2016 to head up the firm’s new marketing initiative.  He has instigated and steered a digital marketing and social media strategy since then, including the relaunch of the Viastak website and the establishment of  His role in managing how we present ourselves is crucial to our present and future success.  This author has the pleasure of working closely with Steve on a regular basis, and can attest to the fact that he is a truly worthy winner.  Congratulations!

I’m Not Bitter.  Not Bitter At All.


Ah, yes.  We now come to the official account of our quarterly Stakkers social, in which this author’s team suffered a defeat that I can absolutely totally live with.  Yesterday at the time of writing, a twenty-six strong troupe of Viastak members took a trip down to London Fields.

There, four teams – Simon’s Children, Catastrophic, Team Three and Ironic –  went head-to-head at the fantastical Time Run course.  I will not say too much about what dwells within.  I do not wish to ruin the mystery for any of our readers!  Suffice to say, however, that the challenge sends competitors on a quest through numerous time zones.  This is in order to retrieve a powerful artefact – the Lance of Longinus – from the wrong hands.  An array of thought-provoking puzzles lay in store to test competitors’ wits, with only an hour to complete the quest.

Catastrophic and Ironic both saw the challenge through with only seconds to spare.  I congratulate them through gritted teeth, as my valiant and imaginatively-named Team Three fell short at the final hurdle.  Happy face, Ollie, happy face.  Simon’s Children, led by our eponymous CEO, suffered a similar fate.


Burgers, drinks and songs followed as we celebrated a hugely successful third quarter.  We have won some of the biggest contracts in our company’s history, and brought in several superb new staff members.  It’s all great here.


Ending on a highly positive note there, that’s all from us this week.  Now at the end of the third quarter, we look forward to Q4 with great anticipation.  Join us next Friday for Stakker Stories!