October now gradually draws to a close.  Already we’re starting to feel a slight wintery chill in the air here on Oxford Street.  No matter.  We at Viastak Towers are as fired up as ever, and we are currently driving forward a number of endeavours – both in the UK and overseas – that we are hugely excited about.  More on those in the future!

This month we look back at the achievements of two of our company’s best-loved sons.  Towering networks engineer Barry Griffin and stalwart cloud architect Mikael Michelier respectively celebrated their fourth and fifth anniversaries at Viastak in October.  Both have contributed hugely to Viastak’s success over the last few years, which has recently seen our growth recognised by the likes of Deloitte and The Sunday Times.

Baz Quartet

Barry Griffin joined Viastak in mid-October 2012.  This was at a time when our company did not have the copiously-manned service desk of today!  As such, Barry originally sat on first-line service after his appointment, while also serving as a field engineer.  He later made the move to second-line support, before taking over the network engineering role he currently holds.  This role frequently sees him working at close quarters with our clients on their premises.  He has quipped in the past that Viastak has given him a greater platform to “express [himself] technically.”

We don’t see as much of Baz as we would like at Viastak Towers; he flits here, there and everywhere!  (As I sit here typing, he is overseas working on an ambitious infrastructure project in Berlin.)  His past projects have included successful network initiatives with clients such as WeWork, Huckletree and BuzzFeed.

Barry now begins his fifth year with Viastak.  During his time here he has become one of our most respected and popular characters, and has won the monthly Viasocks prize three times since its inception.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank Barry for his work over the last four years.  We congratulate him for his achievements, and look forward to seeing what he accomplishes in the future!

Five Years of Mikael = Five Years Of iFollowOffice

Cloud architect (and new father!) Mikael Michelier has been integral to the birth of Viastak’s cloud desktop iFollowOffice.

Mikael’s arrival in 2011 from AXA Investment heralded our acclaimed desktop’s creation – a process which he conducted from scratch.  He was instrumental in making the transition from a hosted IT service to providing a superior, True Cloud solution.  This has dramatically improved service quality and cost efficiency for our clients, by providing a truly scalable, multi-tenant platform.  Mikael is now responsible for system updates, managing technical resources and ensuring high-quality cloud services for our clients.

Mikael holds a degree in Computer Science, yet it is his self-taught expertise that truly makes him invaluable.  Priding himself on spending a daily hour learning new material, Mikael has trained independently in Citrix, AWS, Python and more.  Determined and committed to the last, he has consistently delivered the most cutting-edge solutions to keep Viastak a dynamic enterprise.  Moreover, the former stunt double’s humour and enthusiasm for cloud-based innovation has always been infectious over the last five years.  In that time, he has fruitfully coached and inspired a number of solutions architects.

Everyone at Viastak would like to thank Mikael for his commitment and his innovative approach.  We know he will face the coming years with equal brio, and we can’t wait to see it!

In other news…

Coupe Ties The Knot

Viastak offer our warmest congratulations to business development director Chris Coupe and his fiancée Steph, who are getting married today.  We wish the happy couple a wonderful day and all the best for the future!

Citrix Partners In Barca

Finally, a brief thank you to our partners at Citrix, who invited us to their Partners summit in Barcelona earlier this week.  Viastak sales director Campbell Burns was in attendance for the latest stop on Citrix’s world tour.  A Citrix event has never failed to be informative and stimulating, and so it proved this time too.  Thanks guys!


That’s all from us this week.  Join us next Friday for Stakker Stories!