We have a congratulatory post on our hands this week at Viastak Towers, as our recent overseas efforts paid off for one particular staff member in our engineering team.  The other story this week concerns me, as I reach my first-year anniversary with the company.  Head of Marketing Steve Nash has kindly written a short tribute for the occasion below.  From my perspective, it is consistently a pleasure to write on behalf of the company, and a honour to have co-launched the Workplace Technologists website earlier this year.  More on that later…


Vera Victorious

Infrastructure project manager Vera Dolakova claimed our latest monthly Viasocks prize, after a storming October which saw her repeatedly travelling between the UK and Germany.

Readers of last week’s Stakker Stories will remember that Viastak has recently been working on several large European projects.  Co-working giant WeWork is one of our longest-standing clients, having begun their association with us in 2013.  After a series of successful, London-based infrastructure projects on WeWork buildings, that relationship blossomed onto an international footing.  It was WeWork’s expansion into Germany – specifically, Berlin and Frankfurt – that gave Vera her opportunity to shine.

Vera joined Viastak in 2016, with a strong body of work in audio-visual and connectivity endeavours in Europe behind her.  Since joining the company, she has gleaned a well-earned reputation for her professional, calm efficiency.  She has worked tirelessly on a connectivity scheme within the WeWork Berlin building, affectionately named “Pitbull.”  Vera handed over control of the building’s infrastructure earlier this month.  Her excellent management has won acclaim from WeWork officials, and from Viastak CEO Simon Osman and projects director Channelle Tame, both of whom flew out to Berlin to visit the Pitbull building last week.  This caps off a successful first nine months at Viastak for Vera; warmest congratulations!


Ollie “The Ollicle” Kiddell (authored by Steve Nash)

Since joining in November 2015, Ollie has made a huge impact on how Viastak talk about themselves.

We were originally looking for a member of the team to open new business opportunities, however we saw something in Ollie which went beyond him knocking down doors and arranging meetings; he showed immense aptitude in wanting to truly help Viastak grow.

Throughout the last year, Ollie has created some of the most engaging and compelling content, adapting his skills to go beyond what is traditionally confined to standard writing.

Furthermore, he has shown that he’s more than a Marketeer; he lives and breathes Viastak, and has shown a constant development towards his personal and professional endeavours, ensuring the voice of Viastak is told perfectly, with his added passion and flair.  Beyond this, Ollie has evolved a new Viastak technological thought-leading brand, and spectacularly owns the title of Workplace Technologist, where, if you’re a regular reader, he discusses the technology advancements within, and out of, the modern day workplace… He’s not called ‘The Ollicle’ for no reason.

We’re incredibly proud to have Ollie as a member of our team, he is a true Stakker.


That’s all from us this week.  Join us next Friday for Stakker Stories!