WeWork have been one of Viastak’s most treasured clients for nearly three years now, having worked together on various projects across numerous premises, both in the UK and abroad.  We are not finished yet either, with several more installations this year well on the way to completion.  The company leases workspaces to entrepreneurs and their businesses across the globe, and Viastak have a number of offices in their buildings.  Our marketing team had the pleasure of spending a day this week at their Chancery Lane premises, which were a glowing indictment of WeWork’s principles regarding the modern workplace.

The Visual and Infrastructure branches of Viastak have worked extensively with WeWork to implement audio-visual, network and connectivity solutions, and in one notable case, a state-of-the-art DJ sound system.  Our projects have covered more than 750,000 square feet’s worth of office space, including eight floors in WeWork’s Moorgate building.  We have also been heavily involved in consultancy work on overseas initiatives in Europe, North America and South America.  Our relationship with them is warm and trusted, and we are hugely proud to be working with such a dynamic business.

An attractive building in a prestigious location, the physical layout of the Chancery Lane office was in line with many of the prescribed modern workplace characteristics: a colourful, calm and comfortable environment.  We had the pleasure of working in one of the breakout area’s informal booths, wrapped in a relaxed atmosphere and complete with healthy refreshments throughout the day (fruit-infused iced water: inspired!).  Every detail of the space seemed to have been meticulously designed for the purpose of facilitating efficient, productive working.  The acoustic chairs, chosen to reduce noise density and enable better communication between colleagues; the use of translucent orange screens to refract as much natural light as possible into the area; the booths designed to provide the ideal balance between openness and privacy while working.  This last factor is critical; people statistically prefer personal workspaces as opposed to traditional office environments.  WeWork have gone to great lengths to build a modern workplace that understands this fact while driving collaboration and consequent output.

WeWork space

What was particularly gratifying to us, of course, was seeing the successful implementation of Viastak’s hardware first-hand.  AV screens were installed in all the various meeting rooms, one of which we used ourselves later in the day to welcome a special guest!  Moreover, our Fibre connectivity lines covered the entire building, making internet access instant and allowing a crucial upswing in the degree of Agile Working facilitated in the office.  With mobile apps becoming an increasingly vital part of common business practice, and the cloud taking an ever-firmer foothold in how data is transferred, reliable connectivity is a necessary feature of the modern workplace.

It was a joyous and productive day spent at the Chancery Lane building.  Having visited a number of WeWork premises across London, we know that their initiatives are consistently implemented across all their office spaces.  The modern workplace is thriving and evolving all the time, with a growing number of CEOs investing time and effort into developing a collegiate, productive environment that drives growth.  These elements are far less superficial than they may initially seem; their importance cannot be underestimated.